Islamic Branding' Importance

Islamic Branding, the Solution for Uncontrollable Market Risks in Indonesian Islamic Bank

Indonesia as the major of Moslem in the world has benefits to lead Islamic Economic Growth specifically in Islamic Banking institutions. Otherwise Indonesia still has many problems to solve before become the “king” in Islamic Banking institutions. The basic problem is about the market risks. The market risks are very unpredictable and completely depended on market condition, like the market share, customer satisfaction, and customer preference, are better not ignored, otherwise, the bank will suffer serious unexpected loss. And the simple solution about this problem is Islamic Branding. This will be of great value to Islamic Banking Institution because it will help them improve their branding strategies when targeting the Moslem and non-Moslem consumer and engaging the Islamic market.
Keywords: Indonesian Islamic Banking, Market Risk, Islamic Branding
JEL: G21, G32